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Buds Angels by Wolf-Guard Buds Angels by Wolf-Guard
Here is Bud and his "Angels", Sharp Wit Who? (Katelyn), Voodoo Flower (Yvette) & Dead-Eye Di-va (Dionne).

Why Bud with Katelyn, Yvette and Dionne, you ask? Just because I thought it was silly and because of his history with his class mates.... particularly here:… and here:…

Yes, I know Charlie never showed himself to his Angels....My idea :p ... deal with it ;)

This was just and idea that pop up into my head a while back. Thought it would be cool to try drawing Bud and his gals ala Charlie's Angels..... and it took fooooreveeeeeer for me to finish. :p Gaaawwwed I been working on this for a couple of months! I'm not even sure that I'm completely finished but I like what I have. I may go back and add color to the walls, maybe....

Anyways, this was a pretty big (elaborate) project for me, considering that I'm still just practicing my art skills. Personally, I think I messed up in drawing Dionne. Her little head seams to be squished from the top and her eyes are getting stretched and I used an "orangy" (my word) type of yellow. It's called sunburst yellow. Frankly she looks like she's a valley girl with a messed up tan. :( Sorry Dionne
(hope she doesn't shoot me....)

And then there was my trouble with Katelyn. I think I drew her too tall. She seems a little out of place in the set up.....

Bud...Not bad, could be better but not bad.

And finally, Yvette... now Yvette I'm very happy with. So all in all, not a bad idea, I just need better execution of my art skills and need to better plan out my colors.

I don't have a wide range of colors. The great thing about the PrismaColors is that I can make a new color since the ink does not dry right away. Of course, this means I need to better label my colors and plan ahead. I may want to switch the paper that I'm using. Not fond of this textured paper, I'm just to stubborn to throw it away. It's old, like 10 years old. Pencil markings always smudge and paper always looks "dirty". Colors do not look the same as they would on smooth white paper..... I'll decide later.

Overall, not a bad Idea and an OK drawing. Gotta practice some more.

Used PrismaColor markers with glitter pen on textured white paper.

Bud, Katelyn, Yvette, & Dionne - (C) Christopher Paulsen - Precocious Comic
Fan Art - (C) Me :)
Iron-Ed Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey now!  This is a really nice job!  Major improvement is visible over your early works.  Good choice of weaponry for each girl too.  (My original thought with Yvette was throwing-star flowers. ;-))  Also a very good job with symmetrical objects.  I agree that the walls could use some color; they look kinda like dead space this way.  Liking Bud and Yvette's expressions best, but all are acceptable.   You should easily be able to do good art for Chrispy's Halloween contest!
Wolf-Guard Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013
I go some stuff in the works. Having to revise a costume for Autumn, based on today's comic dialog. What I don't submit to the contest I'll post here. hope you guys enjoy it. :)
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